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Low Flow MeteringWide Range Applications
Gasoline direct injection (GDI) flow meter Chemical / Additive injection 
Gasoline and diesel fuel measurement Polyurethane blending with high resolution flow meters 
Valve leakage testing Flow meters for hydraulic test stands 
Drone aircraft (UAV) fuel measurement Flow Meters for Aviation Hydraulic Fluids
Real time measurement in electrostatic oilers Volumetric measurement for fuel oil flow in power generation
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue) measurement Industrial and heavy equipment hydraulic oil lubricating and fuel metring
Fuel measurement basics-Stationary and in-vehicle systemScale inhibitor's, paraffin solvents, depressant modifiers & dewaxing chemical catalysts
High Viscosity FluidsLow Viscosity Fluids
Hot melt glue and mastics Refrigerant flow control
Road reconditioning - Asphalt Recycling Blowing agebts in urethane foam
Residual oil as a fuel source  
Measuring resines in playwood or wood comosite manufacturing 
Precision Ratio ControlIntermittent Injection
Blending of additives in asphalt mixing Natural gas odorization 
Crude oil process ratio measurement and controlReverse osmosis anti-scalant injection 
Depensing polymer composite in carbon fibersVerifying dispensed amount of sealant (adhesive) 
Low flow alcohol measurementMethannol injection for natural gas dehydration
Biofuel measurementVolumetric measument in LACT unit
Precise antifoam measurement 
Bi-Directional Flow MeasurementHigh Pressures
Brake Testing Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) 
Aviation/Aerospace fuel capacity verification Hydraulic life cycle testing 
Bi-directional flow meter for hydraulic ram Flow meter rated for hazardous atmaspheres
Electro Hydraulic Servo Valves and Proportional Valves 
 Water Treatment 
 Disigend for reverse osomosis - max's 234 flow meter 

Auto/Truck                                                         Aerospace

Oil / Gas                                                                           Industrial

Chemical                                                                           Water

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